Welcome to F.A.T
& Tasty

F.A.T - Fried and Tasty is a fried chicken restaurant. We specialise in Southern American style fried chicken with an Australian twist!

F.A.T - Fried and Tasty was established on July 30th 2015 by Terrence Farrugia, Jonathan, Andrew and Freda Ioannou in Brunswick East, Melbourne. Our fried chicken recipe has been a family affair for many years, with it being passed down the line to son Jonathan and nephew Terrence who have added their own spin on the Southern American recipe. Popular menu items include Chicken & Waffles, Hot Chicken and of course our Original Chicken.


Here at F.A.T we have a large dining space that can cater for group bookings of up to 40 patrons and more.

For any large bookings or functions, please feel free to email info@friedandtasty.net.au. For this style of booking we offer a set menu which consists of chicken and sides for $25 a head.

For all your booking needs please call us in-store on 1300 328 462 or alternatively email us at info@friedandtasty.com or hit us up on Facebook. Unfortunately, we don’t take bookings for less than 6 patrons.